Yom Kippor Prophetic Gathering

Yom Kippor Prophetic GatheringThursday, October 2nd, 5:30 pm thru Sunday, October 5th, 6 pm
Registration $65
To Register Click Here or call 336-818-1210 between 2pm & 6pm EST Tuesdays Note: There are daily and individual session passes available at the door. Daily passes are $20.00 and individual session passes are $10.00.
Click Here to book your stay Prior to September 24th, 2014. After Sepember 24th call the hotel directly at 919-465-1910, and mention The Worship Center. King of Glory Ministries will be sponsoring a Prophetic Gathering at The Worship Center to seek the Lord on Yom Kippor, 2014! We believe that the Lord will breathe on this prophetic gathering on the High Holy day of Yom Kippor to release supernatural blessings and revelatory knowledge for the coming season.

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